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Wednesday's Flower

36 pieces
151 solves
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Mary, this is happening over and over again. I know I responded to your comment and then I saw that it's not here! Well, according to your time, you ARE getting faster. But here's the thing, if the names of your dances are too long, they are not going to fit in the booklet you're going to print. Or at least the names of the dances won't fit neatly across the top of each page. I'm waiting to see the dance steps!


Wow! Such a beauty! Now loving doing the Wednesday Flower Dance, subtitled The Hump Day is Over Flower Dance, but shortened for publication purposes. 2:39 Loved it! Thanks, Wendy!


Sue, I missed your post! I'm so glad you like my avatars but I plan on changing them often, I was getting to the point where I didn't even like my other avatar.

I'm pretty sure you already told me about your horse back riding trip that you now must have already gone on by now. I hope it was loads of fun. I used to love riding...and now am wondering why I didn't go along with you. LOL


Katie, there's got to be one, doesn't there? Ardy needs to know that pink and orange look great together. What's really amazing is that the other day I searched through all the flowers that I've never posted and almost every single one had orange AND pink. LOL!


LOL - Color University!!!!!


Thank you, Kathy....but don't forget, so do yours! Yours brighten the day for lots of people. :-)


This one just "grabbed" my attention! The colors are so bright, clean and distinct. LOVE it!!! Ditto what the others said below. They also confirmed what I was telling you on another one of your puzzles that your puzzles do indeed impact and brighten people's days!!!


Ardy, you made my day with "even the orange"!

Thank you, Pat! This was in my "Maybe Post" folder, and I figured we needed something bright. :-)

Katie, I had mentioned that I was going to pay for Ardy to attend a Color University which held a course- Pink and Orange 101. I think she might be attending one of the classes as we speak.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, PJ.

The same goes for you, Ms. whatnauts. ;-)


Been meaning to tell you I love your new avatars. I'll be gone for several days, camping with my horses and trail riding with friends. We go to north Florida and stay a few days. Just wanted you to know I wasn't ignoring Jigidi.


Beautiful watermelonesque flower :)


A warming, colorful and happy puzzle. Thank you Wendy.


You sure can spread some cheer - thanks Wendy! And it's so good to know that Ardy appreciates orange in small bits. Lots of colors like this offer something for everyone!


Very pretty and cheery!


Thanks Wendy, my best bit is the purple petals - and the rippled texture :)


Lovely flower, lovely colors (yes, even the orange). Thanks, Wendy.


Great, Barb. It's a dull day in my neck of the woods as well. I'm glad this one cheered you up. :-)


Ah, just what I needed, Wendy ..... it's a dull day here (raining in fact) so these bright colours have cheered me up. :-)