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Yum, this tastes good!

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I'd say more than one glass of wine is in order! My goodness girl, what a horrible storm!! Wow!!!
Freddy, however, is adorable! love the tongue!! :D))


Hester, glad you got important areas cleared today. You need a nice hot bath with a glass of wine. You've sure earned it! A quick prayer from my end that there's no more snow tomorrow and until most of this batch is gone.


Katie, it has been quite a challenge! Today I dug and moved snow for 4 hours and now I can get my car out ( hooray!!) and I have cleared the shed where our central heating gas is kept. Just as well as it is nearly empty and now I've got my order in for just after the Easter break. Phew! I'm feeling tired and achy but I have that really content , self satisfied feeling too! Please don't let it snow again tomorrow!


It's fabulous that you got a picture of Freddy while the snow was still coming down! Glad to hear that you're finally getting fully dug out. I'm sure it's all been quite an adventure!


Hi Francine, it was so unexpected and the heaviest we've seen in 26 years of living here. I have just come in from a break from digging my car out. Hopefully tomorrow I shall be fully mobile again!
Thanks for your kind wishes, I hope you and your loved ones (especially Pepper!) have a wonderful Easter. :-)


Hi Hester, I googled the Daily Post and saw other snow photos taken in North Wales. Awful for you -- though it looks like my area, Ontario, Canada. Hope it quickly melts so that you can have a drier Easter.


Glad someone can enjoy the white stuff. Thanks, Hester.


Numers! (Bookmarked these to come back to later...gotta run downtown.) Love Freddy's pix today and giggle that you've got more snow that I have here now! He's a doll and Bonnie sends her love... ;-D


He is , Pat! They call Briards "a big heart covered in fur" and that really sums him up!


Freddy looks like a big loveable dog...