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Left And Righterfly

49 pieces
77 solves
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Don't give up hope, Rosie! I'm sure the snow will be gone and the air will be warm by, say, July, at the latest.....! Of course, then we'll all be complaining about the heat and humidity, no doubt..... Sigh......... Thanks so much! :-)))


I love these flies and seeing as Spring is never coming to our "normal" world I'll have to continue to dream of the land without snow and cold and all of these wonderful colored swirly, dirly, pearly, curly, flies of every configuration. Thanks for a beoootiful new fly. Rosie


I guess that makes sense, since a "fly" often involves swirls in multiple configurations, with the challenge of figuring which direction the curves should go in each quadrant. And you're the swirl maven! :-)))


Thanks, I'm looking forward to doing the large version. I've grown quite fond of the 'fly' series.


For some reason, the swirl ended up looking like 2 overlapping swirls in each quadrant (at least to me), and I think that that's what makes it look more complex. And if you'd rather do a medium version, I'd be glad to make it and give you a link. Thanks, whatnauts. :-)))


This is another wonderful fly. More complex than most. I'll work the larger version, as well.


Thanks, Edie and PJ--"puckered"?!!! LOL! Maybe I put too much lemon juice in the dressing I made for its salad... I'll do better next time. :-)))


Wonderful and fun, Pat. Very fine composition,


Got lucky on the first solve so I think I'll leave it at that. Not sure why Ardy thinks it's grouchy. It just looks a little puckered to me. Maybe there's a species of 'puckered fly' that will show up some day. Thanks Pat, it was fun as always.


Thanks, Ardy and Barb--I have Ardy's list, but I just have to figure out how to get it to show up normal size.

That's a puzzle with the list, but the print is tiny. I'll try again later! :-)))


I bet that's quite a list you have now, Ardy. Thanks, Pat, for another unusual but very pretty sighting. :-)))


One very pretty but grouchy Left and Righterfly has been added to your list. Very nice, Pat. Thanks for introdcung this one.