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Horse on Color! (kaleidoBOARDS)

48 pieces
105 solves
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The theme this week is Horses.


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Love these puzzles .... thanks Jan


Katie - I agree completely! Thank you. You were so lucky.

PJ - Thank you so very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hanne - It is, isn't it? I like it's power. Thank YOU!

Jim - What a nice thing to say! I have a couple more horse ones for this week. Thank you so much.


I've really enjoyed your last three sets. The horse is great.


A fine horse indeed!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Fine boards, Jan - I enjoyed solving, without making the board - fun anyway!


This horse is a very majestic creature, perfect for boards Jan! I grew up not far from several of the Cleveland metro parks that had stables and wonderful trails.


Hester - old nag? I think NOT!!

Ardy - they are powerfully beautiful. I wanted to BE a horse when I was in grade free!


Hester, you are 3 seconds off the lead. What do you mean =- old nag? And what does that make me - running way behind you.

Beautiful horse, Jan. Horses are such magnificent creatures. I wanted to learn to ride when I was young but, once again, just coming out of the depression, there wasn't the funds for an expensive sport. Thanks, Jan. Lovely beginning for theme week.


Well, I won't be troubling the leader board for long on this , Jan! I was more 3 legged old nag rather than speedy thoroughbred. It's out to pasture for me! LOL