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2. 'It was so hot today..'

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Raccoons are the vandals of the wild. They are destructive. As Heidi says they carry many diseases dangerous to humans. Introducing them into a new habitat is not advised. We live in the country and have struggled with these creatures for years.

They may look cute; but are nuisance animals. One attacked our cat and bit him in the face. Our cat nearly lost an eye. He was blind in that eye after the attack. The vets were wonderful; and they advise against encouraging raccoons to make your home a stopping place on their nightly pursuit of food.


They're also one of the most destructive animals in existence. They also carry both canine and feline distemper, and frequently are found with rabies... And have razor sharp teeth that they use at the drop of a hat. Never approach one in the wild. If they don't flee on sight, you risk your life. This one is probably ill because it's out in daylight.


You wouldn't want them lochy - they are very cute but aggressive and pushy and live up to their name as vandals.


We dont get many of these in Wolverhampton maybe they can be introduced.

cute racoon, i like these animals their so cute. thanks for posting jerod123


That is really a cute picture!