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The military history of Gibraltar during World War II exemplifies Gibraltar's position as a British fortress since the early 18th century and as a vital factor in British military strategy, both as a foothold on the continent of Europe, and as a bastion of British sea power. During World War II, Gibraltar served a vital role in both the Atlantic Theatre and the Mediterranean Theatre, controlling virtually all naval traffic into and out of the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean


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I enjoy exploring old ruins like this. It must have been interesting to see. Thanks for the post, Patricia!


Very interesting Patrica, Enjoyed it and the puzzle. Thank you


No. But thanks for the info. I will now go and research it. WWII was an awfully interesting study(unless you were right in the middle of it). Thnx again.


yes, there were several attempts by the Germans to capture Gibraltar. One of them was Operation Felix..Perhaps you have heard about it.


Nice shot. Knowing that Gibraltar was the key to naval activities in the Med I always wondered why the Germans never secured it before expanding into North Africa. Thanks for the pic and the history.