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Theme: Dogs, etc

20 pieces
40 solves
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Only 40 cents in 1953!
Susan bought this a few weeks ago.


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LOL sbemus! I had never heard that one. I'll try to remember it. : )))


This is great .... thanks for sharing...


We used to sing: "How much is that doggie in the window, the one with the basketball nose? You know what a basketball nose is? It dribbles all over the floor."


Ahhhh, the good old days when lyrics actually had significant meaning !?!? Or not.
But if music gives us smiles - that's a delightful thing. I'm smiling!!!!
Thanks Susan and Jim, for bringing "Doggie" back into our lives.
"I do wish that Doggie was for sale"


Give my thumbs up to Susan! It is fun to find items like this :-)


How much is that doggie in the window?
The one with the waggly tail ...
Oh no!! Now I'll be singing this all day!! : ))))


Sorry, when I first saw this in thumbprint size, it cracked me up. I thought you were being a real wise guy saying ''SHE'' was the ''dog''!!! LOL :)))))))


Thanks, Naoma! Susan has the music sitting on the piano in the living room and every time I pass by it, I start singing it again!


I can remember all the words to the song, and I probably have the 45 record somewhere in my closet. Memories, Thank you. . . Naoma