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Green Cogs

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That's good then Hester... my daughter was saying they still had snow where she is in the Cotswolds too!! Hopefully as you say, it will all be gone soon!!

Oh good PJ, I hoped you would understand my description!! I keep meaning to ask how far north you do actually live... your country covers many latitude lines!!!


Mandy - thank you for a very fine explaination, - we call them "tannhjul" (wheel of teeth)....
Now I understand the image :-)))
Snow still lingers here, but it's starting to melt due to heavy fog for three days... There is hope for spring to come here too.


We are in our village but just half a mile up the road there were still drifts yesterday! Hopefully today's sunshine will have cleared them now! :-)


Glad you enjoyed it Hester.... are you free of snow yet in the frozen north???


Very pretty! Thanks, Mandy! :-)


I thought about that too late Edie!!! LOL!! Glad you had fun with them anyway :~))

Glad you enjoyed the colouring PJ. Cogs are wheel type discs with "teeth" around the edges that mesh into each other... they work like gears - if you have/had a bike with derailleur gears you would have lots of cogs on the back wheel for the bicycle chain to move around... and various sizes affecting the ease of pedalling. I hope that helps!


Loved all the nice green colors and a fine composition, Mandy - but here's the foreigner; what's 'cogs' ???. Tried googling it, but did not get much wiser....


Green cogs? Shouldn't they be red cogs? Anyway they were fun cogs. Thanks Mandy