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Flat-headed cats

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Little cutie.


Glad you liked it! I had never heard of this kind of cat before.


This looks like a very pretty cat - love the face. Thanks for the info WebPotato.


Flat-headed cats live in lowland forest wetlands in the Thai-Malay Peninsula, Borneo and Sumatra. Their nose is very long and sloping, and their skull is flattened, hence their name. They are solitary, nocturnal creatures, who hunt fish, frogs, and crustaceans. They have even been observed washing objects in the water, similar to how a raccoon would!
Like the fishing cat (their close relative), flat-headed cats? reliance on wetlands leaves them especially vulnerable, as these habitats are frequently converted or destroyed. There may be fewer than 2,500 flat-headed cats left in the world
Photo Credit: Jim Sanderson (work of Jim Sanderson) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons