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Bermuda fishermen.

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These are my mates just down the road from us. They catch Turbots (Trigger fish), not to be confused with European cold water Turbots. He is cleaning one now. We buy 8 or 10 fish whole. I fillet them, portion into freezer bags for future meals. The racks and heads I put in a big pot and make Bermuda fish chowder which is a long process but worth it. So the whole fish is used.
Jenny's brother Blake is a fisherman but he catches other types of fish trolling. We buy Wahoo, Tuna and Grouper from him.


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Yours is a very colourful fish JB, ours is the grey triggerfish and is my mother's favourite eating fish. We all love it, firm white meat with lots of flavour. We sprinkle fillets with Cajun seasoning, dip in beaten egg wash and roll in Kellogg's cornflake crumbs. Fry it lightly in coconut oil and butter and serve with wedge of lime, butter and cocktail sauce!! Delicious, thanks.

Jenny does enjoy fish lajuin but we cook plenty so no problem!! Thanks.

You probably have not PK, but you are right! Thanks.


Don't believe I have ever ate that fish .... but I'm sure it is very tasty....


I do envy the availability of really fresh fish that you have nearby.
Does Jenny eat fish? (if not, I'll have her portion).


The triggerfish is the state fish of Hawaii. It is a gorgeous fish. But, I've never eaten one. Please tell me it tastes as good as it looks! Thanks, Robbie.
(they call it Humuhumunukunukuapua'a)


Thanks healer.

Oh very nice indeed Robbos. We only use our gar fish for trolling bait, they are silver and bony, look like a large cigar anywhere from 6" up to 12". I believe yours and the North American fresh water gar are larger and fierce looking, is that right?

Yes the chowder is delicious Jana, thanks.

They are fresh Hanne and will sell most of them as they clean them. They have big coolers with ice where they put the fillets. Thanks.


How do they keep them cold?? Have they got ice to put them into?? Thanks so very much Robbie, it sounds fantastic!!


Thanks for the show and comment, your fish soup must be fantastic Robbie :-))


I went this morning at first light off the local jetty and caught 8 very large Garfish and had them for tea tonight. Nothing better than fresh fish.


Impressive robbie.


Yes bean, but the big-eared one below cannot tell the difference between a carrot and a coconut!!

Thanks rob, you're right.


Yum!! Great photo Robbie - nothing like fresh fish!!
Bean - I'll take the carrots grated in a salad thanks!


whats the matter with you man! everybody loves carrots!!!


Thank you all.....MATES............Nothing like fresh fish and yes these guys can fillet really well. No carrots here!


nice set mate!


There is nothing like fresh fish, Good on Robbie, Thanks.


Yah, mate! A great working picture!


Yaho for Wahoo my favorite fish but then again tuna fresh is great too. OK there ain't a bad one in the grouper.


Thanks Robbie. for the photo and explaining.


howhowhow, craftsmanship!
i love fisch man!


You know a lot more about fish than you do about carrots........


Nice pic and input Robbiel