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Nana and Grandson

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Awwwww----well, pretty soon Summer will come back & she will be able to go...............


Thanks, Ann! His sister already is, lol! We are heading down there this afternoon. When I told her we were going she asked " with me?" We are going alone but that sure is hard to resist, lol!!


What a perfect little boy, so lucky to be with Nana at the beach. He doesn't know it but soon he will be nagging his parents to go see Nana and the beach...........


I'm glad I could give you a smile, dear Chrissie. It was my pleasure to show this particular pre-goo. It makes me smile also! Thanks, dear one!


If the love and contentment here was goo oozing out of the screen I'd have a very sticky keyboard! What a delightful picture this is, Nana. Looking at the two of you makes me smile :-))) Thanks for sharing the pre-goo!


Thank you, Mimi! He was talking, but not visually. He is the most expressive little guy. You can tell he is going to cry because the tears don't come until he has presented a very convincing pouty lip!


Quite recent, Jo. The little fellow is only seven months old now.. Yes, the weather is insane! It was 67 at midnight and today, at 4:30 it is 49. Of course, in the interval we've had a major storm pass through. We were under a tornado watch but they missed us this time, but tornadoes were near us. Thanks, my friend!


Great picture. He looks like he's talking to you!


A fun day at the beach!! Is this recent? Weatherman says we are going to be in the 60's today!! I won't be at the beach tho!!! Weird for January weather, in N.J.!! Good to see you, and your grandson again!! :) :) 2:10


Awwwwwww. You are a dear one!


You are very welcome, Hanne. Thank you. The combination of Jekyll Island and a grandbaby calls for an enormous grin!.... :-)


:) :) :) :) :)


Ohh you look good both of you! Thanks so very much Jill!!


You are most welcome, Shirley. I'm always happy to show off my grandbabies!... :-)))


Thank you for commenting, Elaine. Indeed, I am a proud Nana. His little smile is totally captivating. He gets a hug every time!


Lovely family photo, Jill, Thanks.

Proud nana ,lovely thanks for sharing x