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Had a couple of people interested so decided to post my combinations. These are made from scratch kleido's, PS7.0 and the original photo used as the basis of the kleido.


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Thanks, Kathy...glad when I can too. I'm getting so wrapped up in playing with my new style at the moment that I don't even get a chance to run around and visit my friends! (Each piece takes me many hours to create... and I thought that my hand-made kaleidos were slow to make. LOL There is just so much to learn with this programme, isn't there? I have the newest version of yours... and yup, still no kaleido filter. I don't know how you make yours but I suspect a lot of hand cutting and rotating.) Gosh, I just looked up as I was writing this and still love that green and orange one...and I'm still not an orange booster! ;-D


Michelle, always nice to have you pop in.


Beautiful, Kathy! It's so nice to see the "before" too ... You really have created such beautiful art pieces with these... Thank you.


oldiepumpkin, thanks for popping in, always nice to see a new face.


Flowers and Kaleidos together, a nice combination. thank you


heathermary, thanks for dropping in and glad you enjoyed it.


Thank you for a most enjoyable puzzle.