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Whistler-Blackcomb- 72 miles from Vancouver

70 pieces
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looking on the bright side maybe the salt will keep anything bad from getting in his feet


I hug him when I take his coat off. LOL Wish I could get him to wear boots as it has hurt his paw a couple of times already. The first time it bled. And there's rock salt/sand down on the roads because of the snow we had before.


oh poor you, right now it is a cold 34 degrees here, not windy. So glad Bradley's coat was got in time for all of this dratted weather he will be very grateful. I love to feel how warm their backs are when the coat comes off. This snow is where it belongs, in a picture


This is so pretty with all that snow!! Thanks June!! :)))
(time, 4:20) to -4 degrees with wind chill of about -10 degrees. It's up to about 3 or 4 degrees now but still at least -10 wind chill as the wind is picking up. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Sure glad
Bradley & I have warm coats. :)))