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Seashells by the seashore

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84 solves
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One of these days you may surprise yourself. If not, think of the fun and enjoyment you get from solving. Thanks for enjoying my Florida beach shells.


I didn't make it on the board - have come to the conclusion my brain thinks I'm seventeen yrs old, but my hands think I'm 92! Lol! Maybe one day...!


Thanks Robbie. My Dad lived about a mile from the bridge to Sanibel.. I never got over there though.


Cool picture Ardy, fascinating what you can observe on the beach isn't it? My uncle and aunt have lived in Naples for many years and my dad goes to Sanibel Island often for his Conchologist meetings. Thanks.


Welcome Dagmar. You were 14 seconds faster than I was. 1:07 seems to be the mean time (statistically speaking) Don't know that I've seen four in a tie before. Glad you enjoyed the shells. Thanks for coming by .


Hi Ardy I didn't even get near the board (1:32) LOL, so much for speed, but I loved the shells, I would be like Hanne, impossible to get me off the beach, I would always have to look for another beauty to collect and in the end have loads of shells, but I never know what to do with them LOL.
Thanks for sharing memories. :))


Thanks, Jan. You have so much I like that I'm glad to have a little something you like.


Glad you like the puzzle, Ank. Thanks for coming by.


Ardy - this is a beautiful puzzle! And the memories are even more beautiful. It was a lot of fun to solve, too. Thanks so much!! Jan


True Ardy, I have the same, everytime a little worse.
This photo is lovely, thanks


My experience, Kirsten, when I try to better my time is that I'm slower. Doesn't make sense does it. The one time I did better my time I knocked Cheerie Lou off her board. Thanks for trying. I love seeing you there. Night night. HUG


This beach was known for its shells, Hanne. I'm not a collector but loved taking pictures here. Unfortunately those pictures were all 2x2 slides. I had this print made as it was my favorite. Found it recently and thought it might make a good puzzle. Glad you came by and enjoyed it.


Ha! I was slower by one second, the second time around! Should have left well enough alone! LOL


What a precious picture this is then, Ardy. And I don't think I'll be on your board for long either. I'm not very good at these types of puzzles. But I'll try once more to see if I can improve on it.


I would never ever come home again if I stopped here and began picking!! What a treasure!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


No, this was taken years ago in Naples, Florida, the one time I was able to visit my Dad. Thanks for coming by and starring on my board. Mine fell off.


Form your little sojourn with Cheerie Lou, Ardy?