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Theme: Potential camper

60 pieces
55 solves
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I love the sliding door on it! Nice find jc.


I wonder if this started out as an old milk truck. It looks like the one that used to deliver to our house in years past (minus the rust and with good tires and sparkling white paint job).


Great pic/puzzle!! It could make a nice camper, good size. I you had the money to restore this and add what you needed to make it into a camper.......... I think I'd just go buy one!!! LOL Thanks again Jim!!! :)))))))
(time, 5:06)

Imagine this parked in your driveway.


Heck - a couple of tires (retreads of course) and you'd be on the road again in no time! LOL


The "monster truck" and this van were next to a mechanic shop beside the highway and we pulled in, snapped a few photos and left before they started asking any questions! LOL! (I would rather not try to explain Jigidi to "normal folk"!)


Do you have a car yard there? .... good one to restore....