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Fluffy Flowers KaleidoBOARDS!

28 pieces
96 solves
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Kirsten - thanks so much! And, no, YOU da Queen. Here come da Queen! Here come da Queen! LOL


Monica -
Thank you so very much. I am glad you enjoyed it so much! If you mean, am I going to post the vertical boards......most definitely, YES. I usually post one a day. If you mean the Boards where the design seems to be part of a whole (like this one), yes, whenever I can find a subject that works well with it! Again, thanks so much!


I let this beauty languish in my bookmarks for way too long Jan!! It's gorgeous! And I too, love that effect of it all being one flower sliced up!! You da design queen!!


That was fun! Beautiful bright yellow! Love how its edged in red! Thanks Jan, are you going to post more of these? Love putting these kind of pics together.


Thank you so much, PJ!


A very lovely puzzle - really enjoy your fine composition.


Thanks, Jack! It was fun to make!


nice one JB!


Learning is good, Michelle. I should take off a week to learn and then return. One day, just maybe.....
Thanks so very much!


Hi yellowgal. A LONG time ago, I started making the vertical boards and no one else seemed to do them. So, I used kaleidoscopes on the boards....and then we had KaleidoBOARDS. The reason I did boards initially was to give a feeling of surfboards or skateboards. :D


Beautiful, Jan!! I have been working on my own stuff (learning, learning) so missed doing puzzles today. This is so bright and pretty and such a ray of sunshine!! ;-D )))

So very pretty but can you explain what exactly are KaleidoBoards?? Sorry, not familiar with this.


Thanks so much, Wilddog! :))


I've enjoyed your quilts and the fabrics.


Katie - We have about 2 1/2 to 3 months before we get to see this. But, in about 3 weeks I will be LONGING for yellow! Thanks so much!

Mandy - You are so sweet to say such nice things and make me blush! I am so glad you enjoyed this puzzle. Thank you!


Pat & Hanne - I really enjoy this effect, too. But, it just doesn't work very often! Thanks so much for such positive feedback!! :D


Oh WOW, Jan the effect of these boards together is wonderful, I love how you've cropped them all to link to form a complete flower!! Thanks for another fun concept!!


Oh, Jan! You've given us a real stunner with these bonus boards today! These are wonderful to see now as it's about 4 months until daffodils and narcissus bloom in my area. Thank you so much!


Yes, IS Ardy right!! It's a very beautiful effect, Jan!! Thanks so very much!!


Ardy is so right--I love it when you create that effect!!! Beautiful one! :-)))


Good Morning to you, too, JC. Thanks so much!

Ardy - thank you, my dear! I'm glad you liked it. I'm also glad you thought it looked like a big flower. That's what I was hoping for!


You've done it again. It looks like one big flower. You are so creative. Thanks, Jan. And lovely yellows.


Good Morning, Jan! Nice one!