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All That Jazz!

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Thanks so much, Kathy and whatnauts!




So glad you decided to go with this one! Dazzling!!


Thanks, Mandy and whatnauts! This is only the 2nd or 3rd loony that I've actually touched up in Paint after I made it in LunaPic, and changing the colors made it even more complex, with the remnants of the old colors still showing, much the way it does with the jpeg/recoloring I do. I made this weeks ago, and never posted it, because I thought it was just too busy, but then I saw it again and decided to go with it, even if it got an equivocal response from a certain person...! :-D


Love it, love it, love it!! (Sorry about the ambivalence.)


Wow, Pat, this is an incredibly impactive puzzle! Love the bright colours and shapes.


Obviously, blood pressure "mess" is meds...! I'm lucky, Ardy, the sugar substitutes don't bother me. And I've always been willing to go to doctors--it's my husband and son who have to be dragged!

Thanks, Jan and Katie--and I hope you feel better soon, Katie. Do you think Jigidi can somehow transmit viruses, besides computer ones?! So many people seem to be ill right now...


Good one Pat. And now I have to run over to the pharmacy and pick up those prescriptions I dropped off at lunch time today.


Pat, when I think back I was about your age, maybe a year or two younger, when my BP went out of control along with cholesterol levels. I was getting irregular heartbeats which scared me and sent me to the doctors for the first time in several years. (I was very bad that way - no more)

I can't handle the sugar substitutes. I get bad headaches which has taken things like yogurt off my list of foods as well as any diet drinks and fruit juices.. I read ingredient labels very carefully.


Catching, intriguing and fascinating design! And powerful!


I'm not a coffee drinker either, Ardy, buy I'll have one can of diet Pepsi per day--fortunately, I prefer the taste of diet soda. I've never liked sweets. I think it must be all the stress I'm under right now. I've been on blood pressure mess for almost 30 years now, buy it's always been under control...

I'm glad you liked this--thanks! I'm on the iPhone at the dentist now, so please forgive any typos I don't catch!


Pat, I like this - a lot! I sat and just looked at it for awhile after solving. Thank you.

You mentioned yesterday (I think it was) about some high blood pressure problems. I know too much about that! Are you aware that caffeine drives up BP? Never was a coffee drinker - I don't like the stuff. But did love my cokes. But then sugar went off the menu as well - water here I come. UGH


One singular sensation!!! Thanks so much, roseheather and Wendy!




" ... the gin is cold, and the piano's hot, and ... " ; )