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Nod to Yellow

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Ardy, there will be one of these fine days. ;-)

Mandy, I was going to change the title by adding "A" as in "A Nod to Yellow" but since you and Pat like the title so much, I'll leave it as is. One of my favorite things about the new Jigidi is being able to change the titles though. There are a few old titles of mine that make me cringe, so now I can rectify the situation....some day. LOL

Pat, I had planned to use this as a background for another puzzle of mine, but right now, I can't remember if I did or didn't. LOL


Oh, I'm so slow tonight--2:41..... But while my puzzle-solving skills may be at an ebb, my puzzle-appreciating ability is just fine, so I can tell you that I really loved this! And I agree with Mandy about the title! LOL!


I love it Wendy, the puzzle and the title!! Thank you :~)


Love it, Wendy. I always think there will be some wonderful, happy surprise at the end of the long hallway.


PJ, I just got done leaving you a comment on one of your puzzles. We must have been leaving comments on each others at the exact same time!


Wendy - I love this type of puzzle - and this one was so delightfully warm and shiny!