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Goddess? Who? Where?

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Exactly Mimi, thanks so very much!!


Tune in tomorrow for another chapter of "Where in the world have the gnomes landed, and why?"


You meet a fellow of the wood, you ask him the direction, he doesn't know, so - where are we?? Thanks so very much whatnauts, Cheryl and Ann for your very sweet comments!!


Looks to me like each head of the gnome reflects the attitude of a corresponding Goldie---dejection, confusion, & acceptance. Perhaps each head has a message for its corresponding Warrior which, when put together by the boys, will help them in some way..............


Hanne, I love the three headed gnome. Of course, I never met a gnome I didn't like. I figure three heads are three times better than one. Thanks to you and Bent.


Another delay?? Oh well, this gives the golden ones a chance to relax and enjoy their surroundings while they try and converse with the three-headed fellow. Thanks Hanne and Bent.


Unicorn certainly does what he can, but he misses the gift from the goddess that would make him able to give the help they really need!! But if he had it they wouldn't have to go up on the mountain, so.......!! Well, here we are!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!

I think you might be a bit too suspicious about the gnome, Jan, he is just a gnome and indeed they don't have the great intelligence as we have seen, but lots of good will to give a hand if possible!! He might distract them, but it isn't his intention - I think!! Do think what you feel like, Jan, this is awfully funny, it's like back in school when we stopped in the middle of the story and discussed how it ended!! Thanks so very much!!

I do love SO much that you let him invite them fro dinner!! Oh, how sweet of you Dagmar. And I like your interpretation that the little one prays to the Goddess for help!! Thanks so very much!!

Yes, Lela, for the time being all is calm but rather confusing for the golden ones!! Thanks so very much!!


Hee-Hee!....This is the best character yet!......At least all seems calm in the woods......Thanks again for these.....


The little warrior kneeling on the rock isn't sobbing but he is praying to his godess to send them some sign how so that they can find the right way again. The three-headed gnome would love to help but he doesn't understand what they are looking for, but before they move on he invites them to a good meal and now they can go on with fresh strength looking if the godess has left them some sign how to reach her. :))

Thanks for a fun story Hanne and Bent. :))


The 3-headed gnome is distracting them, not giving directions. I wonder why? Has he got some mischievous intent in mind? Hmmmmmmm
And Robbie is right, Golden Boy on left does look like he's sobbing!
Thanks, Hanne!


Well Hanne three headed friendly gnome looks confused as do the three Golden Boys! In fact the one on the rock could be sobbing, but we all know that Unicorn is picking up clues in the background. Thanks to you and Bent.


The unicorn is just outside the photo!! No the guy is a nice one, it's just it that the old troll from yesterday knew nobody else with three heads. Thanks so very much Ardy!!


That's a three faced gnome! Is the unicorn near by? Are the Golden Boys in danger? Stay tuned. (Thanks, Hanne - this is so much fun.)