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Goofie: Hate to admit you were right, I'm coming back in!

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I know what you mean cobalt.....they grow too high for their weight and when they bloom they're hanging over eachother. They will fade in a few weeks I guess, but when they are in their growing stage I keep cutting them because if I'd left it, this plant would take over half of my garden I'd guess.

BTW.. today Goofie has been out for a few minutes and IN the rest of the day, the weather today is exactly the same as yesterday!


The poppies grow wild here. Pretty things but they can be a bother. I did them up all the time and give to friends. They even grow in the driveway which is crushed rock...Stay inside where its dry Goofie.


Oh, poppies - we can't have them here, too much wind - they always end up lying on the ground. Yes, I did notice your pretty pink flowers. Your garden is looking great for November!


Rebecca he could have easily avoided stepping in the puddle, but he took the short cut back:))

The feathery plant is called California Poppy, the colours of the flowers are orange and off white. The leaves look very much like carrots tops and the roots are orange and carrot shape, when they first showed up last year I thought it were carrots:))) I had forgotten my hubby ever planted them!

Have you noticed my pink Leucanthemum on the left next to my Mum? I only had a view on it when I was in the back of the garden, since it's in bloom again I put it there yesterday where I can see and enjoy it after I had cut down my Peonies:)


....correct gemstone, this is how it exactly went!:)))

LOL loveyagnes....he left all wet footprints on the floor:))

...I did catslave, but he didn't let me dry him, he was offended he wasn't allowed back in the rain again:))

roseheather he wasn't really in a hurry, I was inside taking pics. and seconds earlier he even took a little sip of the puddle of rain:)))


What is the feathery plant in the lower right? They look a bit like carrot tops! (Having now done the puzzle, I'm surprised to see Goofie's feet actually IN the puddle!)


Yeah, I heard you say "raining", but I didn't know you meant THIS wet! (They always have to check it out personally!)


Aw, I'm surprised he isn't sprinting toward the doorway. ; )


Get the warm, fluffy towel ready!!

But first I want to sit on your lap and get my feeties warm


Of course...but I might want to check things out again in ten minutes....