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Bodiam Castle, UK

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Right..., so we learn every day :-) An oubliette didn't need doors. Once you got in, there was no way out.


We actually use oubliette - but that designates a dungeon that can only be entered from the top. We use dungeon for those with doors, etc.


The dungeon is what the French called an 'oubliette'. Comes from the verb 'oublier' and that means 'to forget'. So the bad people were thrown in there and then they were just forgotten. Not sure if there's an English word for it. Google translator said 'limbo'.

pkin38 that anwer. Sure in your dreams and them you have nightmares.


I think the dungeon is still there. But that was only for bad people, certainly not for me :-)


And it even has a moat. Wonder if it still has the dungeon????? Great picture......