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a new feeding station

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the added suet block has still to attract a following -- we may have seen a chickadee leaving it today, but can't tell if any food was taken


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Converting temperatures I`m not very good at eighter, but I found a thermometer that gives both Celcius and Fahrenheit temperatures :)))


Thanks, Schutkleur.

I found a converter for temperatures, I put it in one of my comments, to one of my puzzles, but now I am not sure which one. ; )


That`s colder than it is here. At the moment it`s snowing at a temperature of -6C (20F??). Keep warm!!!!


Ah, yes, that is what my nephew, who lives in New York state told me. Perhaps when the temperatures are in the teens and the morning lows will be in the single digits, then the birds will flock to the suet. That is the weather prediction for Sunday to Wednesday this next week. ; )


Patience Roseheather:)) It always takes a few days for the birds to get used to something new. The same thing happens on my balcony, but they won`t be able to resist it for very long:))


Thank you, Jacque and PLG. Nice to read your comments.


One day I will get around to using bird feeders. I think I have 3 of them but have yet to put any out! One of these days!


beautiful Rose!!!