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Grump on a Stump

54 pieces
97 solves
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Correction to my previous comment: His name is Tardar, not Tarter.


Poor guy lol, I'm sure he really is sweet as pie, he just really does look like he hates everything! I'm pretty sure he's a snowshoe, same as my darling Krissy (RIP Goodbaby), and the breed as a whole is recognized as being of a particularly sweet nature. Now that I've been a Snowshoe owner, I'm hooked. I'll probably have at least one snowshoe kitty in my home for the rest of my life. They're like "cat plus" lol!

His name is Tarter Sauce, but his family calls him Tard. They have said he is not grumpy at all, this is just the way his face is shaped. They were on a news program on tv with him recently after they had posted his picture on the internet and it just went crazy, people wanting to know his story. He is a beautiful cat and they said he is very loveable. Actually, this picture is not as "grumpy" as he looks in his other pictures. I just think he is beautiful.


This poor cat.


Pretty boy!


A beautyful grump