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Red Tailed Hawk

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I was pulling out of my driveway this morning when I spotted him looking to eat more of my little back yard birds. Thank you, birdwoman, for setting me straight! I thought it was a Coopers Hawk.


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Well, he has to eat, too, so I guess he can have a few of my million-and-one birds.


Great photo Laura. It is a magnificent looking bird, even if his presence is bad news for the other birds.


You are right, PG...nature is not always pretty. Have you ever seen Savage Garden? it was put out by National Geographic. It is along those lines.
Yes pumpkin, he certainly is! This is his yard.


Checking out his domain.


these birds do us a service by keeping some of the other creatures under control. Large owls will kill and eat babies out of the nest. We have seen this in the back woods where there was a pair and they had chicks. A great horned came and ate them both. I think they also had a nest and were feeding their young. Nature is not as sweet as you may think. Nice shot by the way LJ


A friend just called me to tell me that there are two hawks nesting nearby. I will have to go investigate and hopefully come back with some photos!
Thank you very much, Ank & snooker!


Wow, you're good with that camera. Great shot. Even though they're predators, he's a beauty! Thanks.

Waiting for dinner to come by.


Perfect shot Laura. He is beautiful.


Thanks for your comments, Morris and Patti!


I love it! Thank you, Laura!


Nice shot, laura!


I am grateful for the correction, birdwoman. It is a Red tailed Hawk. Easy to see...if you know what you're looking for!
Lauralyn, they seem to be everywhere these days.
Lyndee, I don't know if these guys have any predators or not.
Chickie, yes, that's the way it goes! Maybe they have to watch out for owls? Who knows?


Bad to the bone, but still pretty! We have a red tail hawk that lives in the woods behind our office. He/she is often on a branch waiting.....just waiting to see what passes his way.

Nice shot, but this is a classic Red Tailed Hawk. I.D. = dark head, light breast, indistinct belly band. And yes, it is illegal to shoot raptors. A Cooper's has a long, thin tail with bands, and a variety of other field i.d. marks, depending on the age and sex. There are some very good photos on the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology to see the differences.


Nice shot laura. Survival of the fittest.


I think he must be the one who ate the mouring dove yesterday. Nothing but feathers everywhere.
Thank you, Maryrob and Pat.


So pretty and he is standing tall for you...and watching


This is a great shot LJ.Thank you.I suppose we are thier only preditor,and I think i is illeagle to shot them.


I have a few squirrels he can have! Only kidding.


This is a great shot Laurajane. But we do seem to be getting over populated with them. I don't know if they have any preditors to keep them under control.