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no more leaves

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Beautiful set, Morris, thanks. I know some people hate the snow coming, but I love it (as long as I don't have to drive in it - we're a bit wimpish about driving in the snow here in England UK! We get an inch and the country comes to a ridiculous standstill!) But it's so beautiful to look at and walk in. We have been forecast snow next Wednesday, so if we do get some I'll post some puzzle pics!


Thanks for doing it anyway, cinder!
It's cold this morning, rob!


That looks sooo cold Morris!


Darn, only needed 1 more morris. I'd try but I can't make hardly 18-20 no matter how I try.


Just enough to no be a nuisance!


Brings tears of happiness to see this sight!!!


I am happy for you, Morris! :)


Some of us love it, Barb!!
Thanks, rose!
Maybe an inch, partner!
NO YOU'RE NOT, SNOOK!!!!! :) :) :)
Just for your BDAY, Nicky!


Beautiful. I love the way it settles on the branches and twigs.

Sorry for yelling, morris. :)

Nice to look at but MAKE SURE YOU KEEP IT UP THERE!


It's SO PRETTY! You have MUCH more than we got on Saturday. There was just a slight covering on the grass. Not even enough to take a picture of. But YOU HAVE SNOW!


Lovely snow on the branches. Thanks for sharing. : )


:( :( :( I feel for you guys north.... :(


Not lake effect, sandy. this is pushing down from the Northwest. In fact laura may see some snow by Morning. Of course not, you would not rub anything in. :)


I guess you must be getting lake effect morris? And I just came in from raking leaves in the perennial garden. 60 deg. here. Not trying to rub it in or anything like that.


You just answered my question, patti. Must have gone just south of you.
It has been a strange Autumn, Laura.
As long as it doesn't start sticking to the pavement, lyndee. It does look to be getting a little heavier.


Looks like you have gotten more than we have, but it is still coming down pretty good. The wind just shifted from the west to the north east and the flakes are getting bigger!!!!


This looks like mid-winter! Wow!


Wow, Morris! We barely got a dusting!