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Another heritage building damaged in the Feb. 2011 Earthquake in Christchurch.

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Thanks Janet Jane - Phyllis


Oh my, just goes to show us all, that our lives could be changed in just a matter of seconds and minutes. Hopefully, no one was harmed in the house.
cilycoed, I replied to your comment on my curving road puzzle from a coupleof days ago.. thank you for your thoughts on it!


Hello cakes, here is a little info about The Homabush Station for you. Homebush Road, Darfield
Originally registered as a Category I historic place (#7102)

Lost to: Earthquake damage
Homebush Station was established by John Deans in 1851 and was developed by his widow's half brother James McIlraith and from the 1870s by Deans' son John Deans II. The two-storey brick homestead was begun in the 1880s and completed 1903. It was destroyed in the 4 September 2010 earthquake.


How terrible, I hope everyone there escaped unharmed. Looks like it was a very beautiful home.....thanks for a great puzzle cilycoed. :)))
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