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Leaves are Gone, But Fall Colors are Still Here! (med)

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Thank you, Seagull! :)


really pretty today - love all the little details.


Hi Kirsten - Love your descriptions! The lower right one is made from numbers and I just picked it for the colors! LOL

What's with all the talk about's the image that does most of that work.....add a sharpening tool and you have it!

Always so glad when you like one of these!! Thanks - -really!


Gosh, Jan. So much to love here. The centre one looks like our beloved anemones. The bottom left looks like rippled paisley fabric. And the middle left looks like jelly beans to me! I also love the iridescence in the bottom middle. But for its ethereal qualities and just because it's so different to the others, it's the centre one for me. I can't get over the clarity you are getting in your kaleidos. They are fantastic! Thanks so much for the fun Jan. :)))

And is that a calculator in the bottom right? Huh? What's that doing there? LOL


Well, gmak, in either case, you've got me hungry! Both sound quite like a good mid-morning snack! Thanks so much!! :D

No, actually it looks like the top of a cheesecake decorated with glazed fruit slices. Still Yum.

The leaves at our house aren't quite gone, but after several hours at 32 degrees, yesterday morning, the frozen leaves started dropping with audible sounds like raindrops.
The center left looks like green hard candy. Yum.


Thanks, Ardy - I'm glad you enjoyed the variety!

Mariasha - Good eye! That's exactly what it is!! Thank you!

Top left...looks like a basket out of Indian corn...loved doing this puzzle...thanks Jan.


Love them all, Jan but my special favorites are top right, bottom left and middle and I guess Barb has already spoken for the middle left. Thanks. You are they are wonderful. Ever notice how some sections can hardly wait to get together? That happened with the top right. Fun to watch when the pieces do that. 6:38


Yay, PAT!!!!

Barb - I am so glad you like it! It is now, officially, yours! :D
Oh yes, thank you!


Ooh, I like this. I don't usually pick favourites but I particularly like the middle left square. Beautiful! Thanks, Jan. :-)


Oh my I made the board (6.47)Thanks Jan