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seafood on ice...

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A larger puzzle for those who enjoy completing these.

I've posted three puzzles today - the previous two were much smaller.


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Sissel, I love my seafood too. ♥♥♥


What will I choose??? All of it I think :-)))))) Thank you so much Neville


I took a closer look at the photo and DonnaJames is right; it octopus. Sorry about that.


Raaike, ik ben ook een "vis" persoon - ik hou van alle soorten. ♥♥♥

Raaike, I'm a "fish" person too - I love all varieties. ♥♥♥


Belgium is the land of mussel eaters and gray emergency sea shrimps.
Many different fish are offered here.
For me you can serve all types of fish. I love it. :-))) ♥


Well now I have to say that my only experience with calamari has been the "rubber bands" variety mentioned by Bev. I'm willing to admit that I have apparently missed out on a good thing.


Linda, Niccy, Donnajames, Pat, Bev, and Dawn,
thank you all for commenting. It's nice to hear what other folk like/dislike, and how they cook things. This is why I enjoy Jigidi so much, everyone has a say, and the comments are always very interesting. Thank you all. ♥♥♥


We have one fish and chips restaurant here which I recently took my daughter to for lunch. This was my 3rd time there, her first. I decided to try the calamari this visit and the first bite was so incredible! So tender! My daughter's reaction was the same. I think I'll call my daughter and make a lunch date for some more. YUM!!!


Without our memories, who would we be?

By the way, southern style is not always so southern. Wisconsin is famous for its "fish fries" which are usually on Friday nights and draw hundreds of diners to places like a VFW hall or an American Legion. They serve whitefish caught fresh out of Lake Michigan or Lake Superior. Delicious, plentiful and inexpensive in a cheerful hall full of happy families.

I forgot to add this little bit. My husband set up a place in the garage nice table with a table cloth and a place for an electric skillet, this is where my mom would deep fry the calamari. I was instru-mental in having my mom do this in the garage ------?Why?---Taste so good, but smelled up my house so bad. It took a while before odor was completely gone. My mom passed in 1995 and was 95 and I have not had calamari since. :(( thanks for listening.


I'm sorry, I'll take my seafood southern-U.S.-style. Freshwater whitefish or catfish, breaded and deep fried with some cocktail sauce and a nice baked potato. I still can't imagine anybody prying open a clam or oyster, looking at that slimy blob and thinking, "Yummmmm, I think I'll eat this."

That's what we call them Calamari...When my mom made them we ate them quickly, hot and tasty. If you had leftovers, forget it. The next day would be like eating rubber bands.


I stand reeducated.


@patsquire Looked up the difference, 'cause I thought the same as you and once it's cooked, who cares!.....
Difference Between Squid and Calamari. Squids are larger in size than Calamaris. When you see both, you can make out the difference easily. Squids have pointed small flaps on the narrow end of the bodies. These resemble arrows. A calamari has long triangular wing-like flaps on either sides of the body.Difference Between Squid and Calamari. Squids are larger in size than Calamari. When you see both, you can make out the difference easily. Squids have pointed small flaps on the narrow end of the bodies. These resemble arrows. A calamari has long triangular wing-like flaps on either sides of the body.

There....I've done my good deed for today! :::bowing out gracefully:::


@tekchal I don't see any star fish on here....I think what you think are star fish is actually octopus.


Wow, this is an amazing variety. Too many pieces for me to complete but I love looking at it!


Lovely and tasty looking picture. But I didn't know star fish was edible.


Fred, I'm still cleaning prawn shells out of my keyboard. (Sorry, I think U.S. folk refer to them as shrimp.) Gotta watch my language here, so that you can understand Orstrayan!! :-)))


Enjoyed this one, took concentration to not drool on the keyboard!!! ;-))


☺ ☺ ☺


Pat, most people think an octopus has 8 legs.
Actually, they have 6 legs and 2 arms. How can you tell which are the arms?

Hit it on the head. The two that go up to the head when he says “Owwww” are his arms. :-)))


I had something in Greece one time. They called it calamari but it looked like a dead squid to me! ☺


Ella, I do love my cooked prawns (there is one at far left near the lemon), followed by freshwater crayfish (the bright red fellows with the nippers at front). We call them "yabbies" here in Australia. ♥♥♥


Kay, this puzzle is colourful enough, but we still haven't got many solvers. ♥♥♥

I'm not much of a seafood person, but I do like shrimp and cod. I had squid once and liked it.


Such an abundance of nutritious and yummy protein. The ocean is a generous provider. Thanks, Neve, for a lovely puzzle. ;-))


Bev, the only thing I don't really like there is the Mussels. Had them once before, and the way they were cooked they came out as chewy as a rubber tyre. :-)))
I'm like you, and I do love my Squid. When it's cooked in milk it can be really tender and juicy.
Sorry you missed your show, but I don't post large puzzles like this all that often. ♥♥♥


Donnajames, I'll see you at Dawn's place, and we'll have quite a feast. Nev. ♥♥♥


Dawn, lots of nice food here. Sounds like a great idea. ♥♥♥

Hi Nev,
Being that my mom and dad were from Croatia and very near the Adriatic. She would clean Squid
and cut into rings and the tenticles, put into flour and salt and pepper and deep fry. Oh, my goodness good. I could eat that and shrimp,lobster, other fish. The only thing I cannot eat and never will try again, after two times, I became violently ill. I will never try another deep sea fish again and that would be scallops.
This picture does look yummy and happy for those who can eat everyone that is shown here.
Thank you. 9-18-19..8pm I missed Fr. Brown because I found this and wanted to finish it. :)).


Anything that goes with this fare. Sounds like fun!


@firstdawn I'm in! What can I bring? :-)) dj


Let's have a fish fry and shell fish bake over at my house. Everyone welcome!!

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