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Late March Weather

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Please stop worrying about being "late", whatever that is! I find comments on puzzles I made last year and people just solved them now, and I love it, so one day old isn't even close to late! :-))) And I love the little story you wove around this puzzle--thanks, Rosie! :-)))


I'm late, as usual. Wonderful creation however you did this. I think it looks like a magnificent kite creation done by a parent for a child and then the two of them go to a huge grassy field somewhere and fly it together all day. Thank you for that picture in my mind. Rosie


Thanks so much, Aishah, Wendy, and Lee! This is one of those that I make by starting with a black canvas, then using the irregular crop function to remove jaggedy sections that I scribble. I wasn't going to post this, just the loonies that I made from it, but, as usual, I felt sorry for my poor little creation, and decided to let it have a chance... LOL!

Love that all the pieces are a bit irregular--changes the whole atmosphere. Thank for the puzzle.


I LOVE this Pat- it's another one that I'd hang on my wall. :-)


Pat, I'm officially over the snow. I am now channeling my inner spring. : )


I like the thought that these are kites, not lightning or torn-apart blossoms or acid rain/sleet/snow or...... ! Thanks, Aishah and Katie! :-)))


Your description of haywire is just right for this puzzle and for this March weather! Thanks Pat!


What a beautiful collection of kites. The windy weather here is perfect for a day of flying kites.


You're right--the weather hasn't been right since October, and my puzzles are starting to go haywire because of that! LOL! Thanks, Ardy and Edie! :-)))


If this is crap falling out of the sky you've got it right. Snow this morning just turned to rain. Bah...
Fun pazzle though, thanks Pat


What, No white snow? The weather has been very unusual starting last October and still is. Nice puzzle. I'm even on the board for a minute or two. Thanks, Pat.


With all sorts of unusual precipitation......


Looks a bit windy to me.............