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birds and cropduster

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This was from May 11, 2009. He was spraying the corn fields west of here and would turn around in the pasture just south of our house.
Excitement in the country! LOL!


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Funny, Toto! And Cathy, who knew working Jigidi puzzles would mean we would get MORE exercise? LOL!


Great picture! Thanks JC. I am also getting more exercise since I found jigidi and got a digital camera!! And a great story from Toto !!!


Aah - the great octupus hiding in the tree spots its prey and reaches a lone tentacle - yumma, lunch at last.


Thanks for the advice, chickie! When they are fertilizing or spraying nearby, we close up the house and keep the animals inside. We don't want to take any chances.
Thanks, Jan andPat! Any time something happens around here, I run outside and take pictures. I probably get more exercise from the computer to the back door and back than anybody else! And occasionally a nice picture! LOL!


Excitement of not, it's a great shot! Thanks.


Nice shot jcarroll. They are fun to watch. Just stay in the house if you are down-wind.


We don't get much we take everything we can. Love it