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Goofie: Happy Now??? my nose and feet are almost red!

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Just back home from his annual check up (and vaccination) at the vet.
The whole way (to and from) he was crying in his traveler basket :))
But...he passed with flying colors!!!


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Okay flkatz...I'll take your word for it:))) I know the feeling, I never thought I could love another cat after I lost Happy 12 years ago, but you just have to take a look at my 'baby' now and know this isn't true. What's not to love??? But ...Happy and our (first cat) Lucky will always be in our hearts!


I only have one or 2 pics of her, (the others are packed up for years), but they're side shots, looking behind her at the camera, and the other she's looking straight on, but they're very small pics. I'd love for you to see her, but meanwhile, she's gone to kitty heaven, and just take a look at this picture, it looks exactly like her. Trix's coat was this color all over, whereas I see Goofie has lighter colors in the light...I do miss her so much, she was a wonderful cat!


Hi there a chance you'd post a picture of your Trix?...I'm very curious to see what Goofie's "twin" looks like:))


Dahhhh...and I'm glad he passed with flying colors! :)))) All I could see was Trix when I opened this...


Bless that Goofie! He looks so much like Trix here...thanks Impie!


Glad that is over with.


Thanks gemstone let's hope so.

Thank you TOMDEAR, I still call it crying-- for "singing" he was way out off tune:))


How come when we sing, they think wer'e crying- glad you passed with flying colors :-))


Yaaaaay! Way to go, Goofie...healthy for another year! :)))