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VACATION-Cow Looking at Us, Looking at Her

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Hi Wanda (@wshealy), I couldn't agree with you more. Jigidi has been such a blessing to me, & like you I have found so many friends that I will probably never meet in person, but I feel like I have known some of them for years. I saw this cow when our highway just kind of stopped, & we had to drive on a dirt-gravel-& sometimes paved road for a few miles to get to our intersecting highway. She looked like she was saying, "What on earth are you doing here?". We were wondering the same thing, LOL! ~ Gina, in Oregon, USA


@PuzzleG I feel like I have friends on Jigidi that I will probably never actually see or speak in person with, but I know their families, their wonderful pets, what their passions are, health issues, etc. without leaving my home. Jigidi is touching others. I greatly appreciate your wonderful postings. Hope you have a great weekend. Wanda


@wshealy, Thank you Haney, at least now I know what happened to him. It is so nice how our group here try to keep track of each other, especially since so many of us are older & have health problems. You take care, & have a lovely day. :) xxx


Yes. Jim was jcarroll. One day he was just gone including all his puzzles, comments, etc. Mr. Cookie said Jim didn't like the way Jigidi was being managed so he left. I too hope Jim is okay.


Yes Sparkles, there is nothing like waiting for a herd of cows to cross the road so you can drive on your way, LOL! Funny, this happened to us only once before on vacation, & that time we were also in Colorado. There are LOTS of cows in Colorado! :)


Hi Wanda (@wshealy)! I'm not sure if I've done any of his puzzles. I just tried looking up jcarroll, which I thought was his "name" on Jigidi, but couldn't find him. I hope & pray that he is doing well wherever he is now.


Beautiful xxx mooo mooooo ♥


I'm glad you enjoyed it, Wanda. I didn't know Jim posted cows, but I hope he is ok. ((HUGS))


Really miss Jim Carroll's cow postings. Thank you, Gina, for your wonderful postings. Wanda