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Wacky Flowers

72 pieces
166 solves
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Mary, you're too cute! I'd love to see you dancing all over your house. LOL

Gail, they reminded me of lollipops too, and as a matter of fact, I was tempted to leave out the leaves. And when I look at it again, I should have. :-)

Thank you again, whatnauts. :-)


These flowers may be wacky, but they are also gorgeous. Thanks, Wendy :)))


These are whimsical flowers, or fancy all day lollipops! Thank you for a fun puzzle, Wendy.


OK, my time on the big ones is getting better. Instead of 12 minutes, this one had one more piece and only took me 11:38. What fun, though! I just had to have a flower tonight after the tough work day I had! Doing the Wacky Flower Dance and it takes me all over the house! Thanks, Wendy!


Thank you very much, PJ. It sure does look like you're going to keep a spot on the leader board. :-)


Wendy, such an enjoyable solve, love the pinwheel background, and your flowers are so fun.