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Siamese - Christmas

42 pieces
162 solves
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Glad you like it! We had a couple Siamese cats too, although they were more my sister's cats than mine. I believe they were strays and someone gave them to her. They have the most distinctive meow which just adds to their personalities!

I adore Siamese cats. I had one growing up from the age of 5 to 19. His name was Omar and he would wait at the school bus stop each afternoon and would then walk me home. He was my buddy, my little brother and best friend all rolled into one. I still think of him fondly and tear up a bit even though he's been gone over 30 years now. Thanks for posting this puzzle!


Beautiful, thanks!


Time 3:37. A lovely picture. Siamese my favourite cats always seem to make good pictures. Thank you DMHav.


Nice little watercolor work!