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Jungle Flowers For Tuesday

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Good Morning, Ada! It's really strange because for awhile yesterday and the day before it was worse than ever, but then there was a longer period of time when all was well before it got bad again. Right now, everything is working just fine. Yes, we can hope for the best!

I made a puzzle something like this one which I just posted (Ocean Plants). Maybe you'll like that one too. ;-)


good morning, I heard from Stefan today. So hopefully as they struggle with the issue we will keep using jigidi and hope for the best. I just logged in at almost 8am east coast florida and no problems yet. I still really like this puzzle by the way. :)


Jan, I don't know what you learned in this particular case, but at least you learned something. :-)

Ada, it turns out that it was a false alarm. I had no problems for awhile so I thought he had fixed it, but he claims he didn't. He's still baffled but at least he knows that it's not just me that's having the problems. Pat told me that in spite of the fact that she was having problems awhile back, on Monday everything was fine for her again. Anyway, I'm glad you sent him some screenshots. He mentioned that most of the people complaining are from Pennsylvania and Florida...which is odd.


I had a little "burp" on jigidi about an hour ago. Been back on again for a few minutes, so far so good. Hope it's back to normal with no issues.


Thank you Wendy - reading comments provides a lot of learning!


Ada, we've exchanged a bunch of emails now, and I think he's finally pinpointing the problem. The last email exchange had to do with him wanting my domain address which I sent him a short while ago. At least he's really working on the problem now. In fact, he may have just fixed it because I've just clicked around Jigidi and haven't had a problem for over 4 minutes!
My husband's last title was also "systems analyst" but I swear I know more than he does. LOL!

Anyway, the BEST thing about this is that you now know how to send images to others you email! Use Google more often! That's how I've learned everything.


BTW I do have years upon years of computer experience. And my hubby is a systems analyst, so if there is anything I can't figure out I go to him, but he knows I can work it out myself. The issue I had was trying to find an email address to write to Magnus, I did eventually, sometimes I see things but then I don't see it. hahaha. I misplace things like crazy so I'm used to constantly hunting for stuff right in front of me. LOL Thanks for your help anyway... glad you wrote to them and he replied. Maybe he will figure things out.


Hi Wendy, I sent email to them also and I attached my screen shots of what problems I was having. And yes I have experience doing that. I just see the email address to send to them, but I found it! ha. It's become frustrating, but somehow I am working around the "problems" just takes longer. LOL


Ada, his reply so far.....

Hi Wendy

This is giving me a headache. I can't figure out where and what to problem is exactly, but I'm sure it exist. Maybe you have help me out a bit:

Does this problem persistent? Does it happen every time you load jigidi or only once in a while? Does it help to reload the page a couple of times?

- Magnus


Possible Correction, Ada...
I just went to my mailbox and saw that under "Attachments" it says "Attach files" and that is what you should be clicking on.

While I was there, I just sent this to Magnus and Stefan.....
Subject: Jigidi is DRIVING me and others CRAZY!!!!
I included two attachments...

Hi Magnus and Stefan,

I'm just posting images of two of the problems that I've been having on Jigidi. There are so many other problems too (from the past about 3 or 4 days)...that a bunch of us are going nuts.
I live on the east coast of the US and my service provider is Verizon but I don't think they're the problem. I can go anywhere else on the web and everything is fine. I would estimate that if I'm cruising around Jigidi and not solving a puzzle, I come to a standstill about every 2 minutes....where I can't do a thing.

I love you especially, Magnus ( ;-) ) but my love is dwindling. hehehe

Please, oh pretty please, fix the problems!

Thank you,

On a MAJOR side note, thank you so very much for finally not allowing Guest to take up the top spot.
It has really made a difference and I'll bet you've gotten more people signing up for memberships now.


Ada, I'm pulling my hair out. This has gotten ridiculous. The way you send screenshots to Magnus and/or Stefan is to go to your mailbox and start up an email to them. Somewhere in your mailbox...usually directly about the box you're going to type in, is something that says "attachments." Click on that. You'll see that you're supposed to find the jpgs (hopefully you made them jpgs)....and click on them. You'll figure it out when you click on "attachments." It's really easy.


I am still having terrible trouble with jigidi. It has been flaky and wacky for over a week now. Getting very frustrating. I took lots of screen shots but don't know how to get them to Magnus or Stefan.


Mr. Bugosi, I thank you for the link. I took a screenshot so that if Magnus gets knocked off, at least Trouble will have proof that he was there. I think it's pretty darned cool that he solved one of her puzzles. I'll have to check out later why Growly is on a wanted poster. I want him, but not to put him in jail. He's even cuter than you are.

Ardy, copy what I'm going to tell you.
When you want to copy a link to a puzzle and post it somewhere else, here's what you do.
1) Go to the address bar at the top of your page where the puzzle is that you want to give a link to.
2) Put your cursor anywhere in the address bar.
3) Right click and select "Copy" from the drop down menu that will appear.
4) Start a post where you want to include the link to the puzzle. Mr. Bugosi wanted to post the link here, so he did just that. He came back over here after he copied the link in the address bar.
5) Right click anywhere in the comment box.
6) Select "Paste."
7) Now you've put the link to the puzzle in the comment box. You'll figure out where to put the words in the sentences you want to add.


Wendy, Magnus is #10 on the wanted poster for Growly on Trouble_and_Frog. I just checked and he's still there. When I first saw it he was nearer the middle of the board. Lela has given you the link. I don't know how to do that.


Yes Windy.....I mean Wendy.......people tell me that all the time.....
The enigmatic Magnus is here:
(I think I'll suggest he keeps trying...Hee-Hee!)......


Mr. Bugosi....did anyone ever tell you that you're way too cute?

Ardy, as of right now, I'm still having problems on Jigidi. What's really weird is that the people I see complaining about the problems are those of us on the east coast of the US. There may be others, but the approximately 8 people I've seen mention their problems are all people that I know live on the east coast. What puzzle did you see Magnus on?

Jan....I like that re "data storms." Good one!

Thank you, whatnauts!

Mary, it's weird, I suppose, but your Flower Dances all have cool sounding names. :-)


Oh, the Streamer Flower Dance, because they have streamers for stems! Fun! 3:27 Thanks, Wendy! I solve your flowers faster than any other puzzle! LOL


Beautiful Tuesday bouquet. Thanks much.


Strong, hearty flowers to survive even the mighty data storms. Fun Puzzle.


Lovely flower, Wendy. Thanks.

I'm still having thumbnails not show and puzzles not opening. This is the 5th day. Saw Magnus on a leader board yesterday. Wonder if his computer acts up on the site too. I've got to get ready to go out to school for bell choir rehearsal soon. Hate leaving Jigidi even when it has problems!


I actually solved this in 52 seconds, but the time-lapse-thingy added 59 seconds.........(I think this has been happening with me for over a year now).....


Pat, Jigidi will work fine for awhile....but then it goes berserk. I do know that Magnus fixed the 3 second time thingy which is yet another problem people were having....but Magnus and Stefan have not fixed the other problems.

I'm glad you like this one. I actually like the first one better, but I wanted to make something different....just along the same lines.


This is fabulous, Wendy--the most extraordinary bouquet yet! Love it!

My original solve/create/post computer is finally working okay again, starting yesterday evening. The weird thing is that, for the first 4 puzzles I did yesterday, Jigidi subtracted 3 seconds from my solving time on each one! The pop-up box would show, say, 2:48, and the leader board and "your time:" would show me at 2:45! Better that than the other way around! But it stopped doing that now.


Yes, Yes, and another Yes! For the past 3 days now, I have had one problem after the other. In fact, I just took a screen shot to send to Magnus because when I submitted my last puzzle, the screen went blank (black), and then it took about 40 seconds before it finally showed up. And then my Jigidi page no longer had regular I'm sending him a screen shot of that too. Have you contacted him yet? Unfortunately, on Facebook, a few people have complained but then people will tell him it's fixed...not realizing that Jigidi works fine part of the they 'caught' it when it was working.


Have you noticed any problems working with jigidi this morning?


Thank you very much, Ada! :-)