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Autumn Gridlock

288 pieces
129 solves
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No, I'm on Bornholm, Denmark!! Wonderful place, I can tell you!!


Fascinating!!! I really enjoy the commentaries. You're all wonderful!!! Elfie I thought you were in the British Isles, not so?


I hate saying it, but if it's someone I know well, I will say something discreetly and quietly, for the very reason that I would want to know, if I had one! If it's a stranger, I'm not sure--if we're just passing by each other, or he/she is with a group of friends, I won't, but if we're going to be together for a while, and there's no one else around to hear, I probably would say something...


Or a piece of parsley between the front teeth?!!! Yes, I do perfectly understand but one situation is hard I think: when you see somebody with a perfect nose pick! It's embarassing really - should you mention it or what?? I would HATE if somebody let me walk on without saying anything!! But I too hate saying it to others!! How do you feel about that??


You're so right--that is another use of "funny", and it's one of the reasons people add "I don't really mean 'funny' funny"! when they use it! I once said: "Isn't it funny that both my cats were diagnosed with diabetes at the same time, even though they're not related, and one is fat and one is thin?", when of course I didn't mean it was "Ha Ha!" funny, but odd, strange, a weird coincidence, something I wouldn't have thought would happen. English is a wonderfully confusing language! LOL!

I'm so glad you didn't mind my telling you about it, but I know that I like to be told when I say something incorrectly, because then I will learn and not do it the next time. My husband is the opposite--and not just about words, but even if it's something like a piece of food stuck to his mustache-- he'd rather not be told than realize people were looking at him and seeing it. Me, I want to be told, and as soon as possible, so I can get rid of the food before anyone else sees it! Not that I have a mustache...! But you know what I mean! :-)))


Pat - you really did me a great favour!! I've thought about the difference between the two terms, but never been able to figure it out. Another question: When we say "It's funny" it may be funny "haha" or funny "aha". So actually fun is funny "aha" or is it a third way round?? Sorry to bring up things like this on a Sunday!! I can't find things like this in my dictionary! But thanks - I'm VERY grateful for your explanation!!


Thanks, Hanne--I did Gollum's Saturday one a little while ago, and that was an adventure! I'm glad you enjoyed this one!

May I just tell you one thing? You used "fun" right here. But sometimes you say a puzzle was funny, In English, that means you laughed at it, because it was silly or had a joke or was meant to make you laugh. If it didn't make you laugh, just gave you pleasure and enjoyment, then it was fun, not funny. (For an example, seeing the lions and trapeze performers at a circus is fun; seeing the clowns is funny. A regular puzzle with just a design, like this one, is fun; a puzzle with a silly photo or a cartoon or an amusing caption is funny.) I hope you don't mind my pointing it out! I did it only because your English is so wonderful that that one tiny mistake is more noticeable to me than it would be otherwise.

Hugs, Hanne!


Thanks so VERY much Pat, it was terrificly fun to make!!


I'm actually leery of it, which is silly, because I dive right into the tugman monsters...! I'm glad I'm not lost anymore, siouxzn--thanks! :-)))


I accidentally hit the "ctrl" key, and lost you for a intricate an fun puzzle. Thanks pd.


Wow, look at you two, nestled there on the board! This looks really hard, and you did a great job! Thanks so much--I'm glad you both liked it!


a really interesting one pat - thanks

Loved this! A real challenge! Thank you!