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WEEKLY THEME: Squares and Rectangles.... Grid Paper Redux (S) .....

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No doodling for me yet... It's a little fiddly for me and I don't have the patience you and Chrissie have... For now I'll stick with puzzle making.... It has this great 'undo' button.... LOL.... :) :) :)


Yes Sally, will do some pen/paper Doodling, after my walk, are you into the doodling too, I hope so, enjoying it greatly. catch you late mate. :):)


Lots of luck Patti, trying to find a tiler to do it... :) :))))


Thanks, mate... Feels a little off to be on the other side of the world from you... The other side of the country was far enough... Are you doodling today?? Its hard to decide what to do first some days... I'm way behind on my paper work ... Oh well, there's always tomorrow... :) :))) Take care... Hugs.... :) :)))


Good to know I'm not the only one who forgets... Following the chicken soaps is good fun... Thanks, Pat.... :) :))))


My pleasure Edie... I really like this format too... It lends itself to lots of different fills... Your chicks/chickens are fascinating and beautiful... Hard to explain how smile producing seeing them and hearing their stories is... Lots of folks on Jigidi are somewhat home bound or have never been exposed to any kind of animal husbandry or farming/ranching... Your 'Chicken Soaps for the Soul' are wonderful... Thanks so much... If my puzzles give you fun and relaxation, I am truly pleased... Thanks mucho.... :) :)))))


I think I'll redo may bathroom walls in this! Thanks Sally!


Love these Sally, with all the different patterns and colours, Thanks Sally :):)

Dang! My comment is gone (or I forgot to post it again). Saw the little chicks too and thought they belonged to 2d7c. Great mosaic, Sally.


Woo hoo what a way to come back! Not only with my favourite format but you've got the chickie babies included. How sweet is this. So happy to have you back Sally. You and your puzzles have been missed. I kind of saw the chicks as I was solving but I didn't want to stop and slow down to look and be sure. Loved this. Have bookmarked the next size. I had unexpected guests today which kept me away from Jigidi. Now I'm scrambling to catch up on some favourites. Thanks a whole bunch :-)))


You're very welcome puzzlenonni, glad you enjoyed this.... :) :) :)

So beautiful and fun! Thx