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The Non-Awaited Bugosilogue....Page 7...

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had to laugh at that 50 shades thing. I only read crime fiction and got it on my kindle somehow. By the second chapter I was practically screaming "When is somebody going to murder this silly woman?" that was when I realized I had strayed into the wrong genre and binned the boring thing


Pretty Man could have been titled Fifty Shades of Tan! This is some pretty steamy stuff!


Mike's-2nd.wife......I will wrap it in 'Fun with figures' by Dr.Adonis.....


Love to have a copy but can you wrap it in a Math book cover so my teenager wont be tempted to open the cover.....I am almost blushing just thinking about the pictures youve described


hee hee hee


Cakes, you are being very persistent tonight!.......


Seven down ...........


take a look at Kaffe Fasett's glorious knitting, he's a wonder


My father-in-law made fine embroideries!! 200 years ago all men in Jutland living out west on the heathers knitted whatever when they looked after the sheep. The women spun the wool. Why not??


Mr.LeSquirt....glad it is going well...............(hee-hee!).........
Hanne-with-pipe........Oh yes, his father was Romeo Bugosi......he was a travelling salesman who went all round the world selling combs......he had 'a girl in every port'.......
was-shining.......maybe they unravelled their socks to get the wool.....


my Dad used to knit, he learned it in the Army WW11. they used to knit a poloneck shape with a cravat to keep their necks warm, not sure where they got the wool


So his father was the same??


I have finished a day-glo orange stocking cap, which I will wear deer hunting. It has a tapering simple knit-purl crown which decreases by several stitches per row to the top, and a ribbed fold-up brim which you can fold down to cover your ears if it's cold.

SLOgranny's so sweet, honoring the manliness of knitting for me. As I said on her puzzle, I'm honored.


pd-whateveritis......he is his father's son......
bits-'n-bobs......I am afraid the author's voice doesn't really lend itself to audiobooks.......too shrill......(you can always study the pictures!).....
Mr.LeSquirto.....sweetlittleoldgranny has put up a puzzle for you........(BTW, how's the knitting going?).......


ATTENTION! Perfect clarity is required. Make no mistake, I would not touch "Dr." Adonis B. Bugosi with a six-inch pole!


Oh dear, I would love to know more about the 'Pretty Man' story, but I only 'read' audiobooks these days. Perchance the author has crooned his delightful (I'm assuming) tale.


Apparently, his parents were prescient in choosing that name for their offspring, it would appear from this photo!


Nancy-post-war......due to popular(ish) demand, we are printing some more could go on....and on...and on.....(Glad you are enjoying them!)....


I must have ten copies of this book to send to my friends and family, I hope they will share with others. You may have to order another printing of this. I sure hope the "Finally" on this does not mean there will be no more pages as I truly enjoy them and the comments from all over.


With his memory we will never know but he is a very proper gentleman, goodnight all have fun


Has Bill fathered many children in Equatorial Guinea, also, as well?.....


reminds me very much of Bill my hero, maybe, at the Pensioner's Club


Oh yes....there are many photos of Dr.Adonis, at work and at 'play'.......


Hubba Hubba! You had me at the cover!
We can only hope there are more photos inside - of the doctor himself! None of those Hippolytus nymphs for me!


Hippolytus - you are a consumate artist ... nymphs or no nymphs is all about the art!


Allow me to warn you, double-batter, I took some of the photos and they are'artistic' a nubile nymphs sort of way......


Back and I'll buy it! A must read. I believe campers from all over the world would be interested. Dr. A has found his Walden Pond, his peace, calm inner being, at last. Make that two - it suits me!


Anyone hungry?.....


Yeah, buzz off glitter-boy!.....


Go away, you horrible little man!.....


I'm sparkly, noisy AND obnoxious!......


I hate flightsuit/diapers! I like to poop when and where I feel like it. I think it adds a real decorative and creative touch to the otherwise boring decor she has. I had something sparkly in mind or maybe something noisy and obnoxious.


crow-from-the'otherside'.......If you are the Wicca we all know, then your mother has ordered a flightsuit/diaper from Mrs.Bugosi.......otherwise, we don't really cater specifically for crows......


Precious-pebble.....He has to learn sometime......I've sent it, disguised as a common object - a can of anti-freeze....I don't think that will arouse any suspicions in Bermuda.......
probably-not-related-to-Lewis......I am glad you are enjoying our excellent products.....


The Bugosilogue gets the bird. Didn't find anything in it for me.


I have really enjoyed all seven pages of the Bugosilogue so far.


Oh dear...I'm sure Robbie would love one of these...but he's having online trouble AND lives in a banned area. Please mail one to Robbie and bill my account. If you could change the paper cover and wrap it in a plain brown wrapper perhaps it might "slip" through Customs. But Robbie "adult" enough to read this? Oh my...a quandary!


This is our 'Adults Only' section......