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Miss Shia

63 pieces
102 solves
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Hi rducheneaux! Wanted to wish the fastest puzzler a great Easter. I am the same person as taunteanna. That site is for smaller puzzles and Annie1956 is for larger ones. (I'm sure you figured that one out). Still amazed how fast you puzzle as I see your name in alot of my larger puzzles. You must have lightening fingers!!! Wishing you well.


Hi rducheneaux. My name is Annie and I always see your name on my site(s). I just wanted to leave you a message saying that I'm very happy you enjoy my puzzles and how the heck do you solve puzzles so darn fast? I think that most of my puzzles you are #1 in solving them. I'm very amazed. It takes me at least 1/2 hour. Longer when I solve over 200. Hope to see you again and I love the picture of your g-child. How adorable she is.