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Dallas Blooms~It's Spring Here!

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Thank you, Cel. I'm very lucky it's so close and there's always something pretty there to enjoy.


so lovely :)


I would love to recommend a visit and would be happy to show you around. It is a great place to live, especially my little piece of it. Thank you for your interest!


Tex, I just walked by your city with Google Earth. Your city is absolutely beautiful! ...
... and the Lake is very beautiful too.
Pity that I do not live in the neighborhood .I would like to visit once.
Groetjes, Elina


Hanne, I think we humans are just never happy! I want snow, you want spring. We always want what we don't have, it seems. But I do love spring too. Thank you, Hanne, Pkin & GNT. Love sharing this with all of you.


Fantastic post much color and so many flower plants


Yea it spring ... thanks for the reminder of what I have to look forward to..


Are you able to see this EVERY day?? And then you love snowpictures?? Oh, tex, this is gorgeous!! Thanks so very much!!


Hi, RR!! With all those Hyacinths, it would have to, much less the daffies! Thanks, I bet you could find some real subject matter in this bed, but they wouldn't be as pretty as you find!


Wow! A beautiful show of colours tex!! I bet it smells delish too!!


Hey, Lyndee, it ain't Paradise!! Just wait a couple months until you hear me crying and whining about the brutal heat, which lasts 9 months of the year it seems! Thanks Lyndee & Warbler, this beauty is gone in a flash, but I'm so glad at least we have it for a little while. I love it, and try to cram as much as I can into these few weeks.


WoW! Showstopper is right, Tex. Nice one!


Sheesh Tex, not only do you get a beautiful lake, you also get this beautiful flower garden.....just don't seem right!!!!! LOL


Elina, we're colder today, too, but nothing like you are. It was 47F here, but we'll warm up in a day or two. Our weather is just up and down a little bit. In this puzzle, if you look in the top left corner, you can see part of the lake that I go to every day!
Thanks, Trish, I bet they were fun (glory days)!


Wow, what a beautiful picture! Here we are still waiting on nice spring weather!
It is very cold outside and the wind blows hard. Not very pleasant to be outside.
Enjoy it! Bedankt, Tex.


Just beautiful Tex! i had to look that location up. that took me back to my wild and crazy youth in that city! wow! thanks for the memories!


Soon you'll have it and I'll be burning up with spring all gone and summer here! Thanks, Ank, glad you stopped by.


Wow Tex. what are you doing to us......... Love it.


This is at our Arboretum here, and it's a showstopper. Thank you, Annieo, LJ, Mariolyn, Chickie & Chooks. Glad all of you (lot) liked it! On my walk today at the lake, there are lots of Redbuds, Dogwoods, and Irises in bloom, with some fading daffodils & tulips. Lovely spring!


A beautiful show of spring flowers - thanks tex.


Beautiful! Thanks tex.


Lovely. There's still snow on the ground in Calgary.


This is breathtaking, tex. I love it!!

Thanks for the glimpse of what we have to look forward to. This is a lovely spot. We probably have at several weeks before we see this in Minnesota.