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In my favourite room today.

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Well, I must tell all you fans of Robbie's cooking that not only was the stew absolutely delicious, but the mushroom soup and home made bread were as well. And not to forget the swizzles! Thanks so much for your hospitality, Jenny and Robbie.


Good observation PD, never thought of it and I do like S&G! Thanks.


I can see why you aren't playing Simon and Garfunkel--you only have half the herbs...! Looks delish, though!


Oh definitely Carol, thanks.


My idea of heaven............cookin', singin' and sippin'. (Hope you had just a tad of wine to help creativity?!)


Glad you are back Shirley, I had fun although I was washing pots at 10.00 last night! Thanks.
Hi PK, sure was and stew is good any time of day. Sorry we are not closer. We are supposed to meet our first jigidi visitors in a couple of hours, will let you know, they are up in Dockyard for three days so have more time than your Gdaughter. Don't let her be discouraged by that first trip, that was an unfortunate voyage.
Hi Hanne, yes it is delicious, dad will be happy while Jenny and I are away next week. He has plenty of stew, curries and pea soup and mom has her macaroni and chicken! Thanks.


It looks inviting and sounds inviting - I guess it was very delicious when you had finished it. Santana is a kind of spice you might think about using!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Robbie doing his favorite thing. Sounds good could use a plate of stew right now, even tho it is early in the morning.


I'm back, solved the puzzle then before I could post a comment the internet went out, Looks like you are going to have a great time Robbie cooking up a feast, fine music and some fine ingredients there. Yummo!! Thanks Robbie.


Yes it is BBM.
Thanks Celeste, we designed it for ourselves.
They are nice and creamy YO, thanks.
Yes it came out nice PKH, thanks.


Crud. Once again, forgot to hit "post comment".
I solved this savory puzzle in 1:07. You will be creating a fine meal from this, I am sure!

We have Kerrygold here readily available. I am hooked on English country farmhouse cheeses which are aged and usually made from non-pasteurized milk. The best.

Thanks Robbie.


Yumm Stew! and kickbutt music. I love the design of your kitchen.
Thanks Robbie


I've never seen it in Canada, used to buy it in Nassau, it's the best!


No problem Graci, Santana was cookin' all afternoon!! Our ceiling might have cracks tomorrow!!
Right on PG, sounds good.
Hey BBM, now that you mention it I have never seen it in Cape Breton. There are some good butters made by small farmers, but Kerrygold is definitely full of flavour!


You can get Kerrygold butter!!! Oh Robbie, you lucky thing.


Looks like another wonderful evening at Robbie's house. I'll bring the bread so we can sop up the gravy.


No eyes, I just hack around the bones and hope for the best! I like my knives and use every one of them.......not all at once mind you! Thanks.
You should offer it in your catalogue Lela, good for getting rid of bugs, Jenny's friends and general nuisances! Seasoning? will be laid out on your back, feet and legs in the air.........dead as a bug on a rug!!! ( That doesn't sound quite right.)
I think so yellow, I paid duty on them. Yes plenty of onions, carrots, potatoes, celery and garlic. You have my kind of cooking weather! Thanks.


Wait for me Robbie I want some of that stew, and please don't cook Santana!

Are all those knives legal in Bermuda? I'd stay clear of you playing with sharp instruments unsupervised, as well. Beef stew, what a wonderful idea, here it's nasty outside right now, raining buckets & very, very windy.
Do you include onions in the stew. . . we used parsnips once, it was yummy.
Have fun & thanks for sharing your favorite room!


Is that Baygon seasoning?.....


Your knives look like old friends, Robbiel. How do you cook Steppenwolf - do you have to fillet him first?


In-a-gadda-da-vida was done by Iron Butterfly chickie. Santana may have played it later, not sure. This album is Supernatural which is really good. Glad you had a good laugh!
You got it right Lyndee, thanks.
I do get a little excited now and then Robbos, Jenny and her friends sit well clear of me!! Thanks, too bad you're all not closer!


Hope you didn't get too carried away with all those knives whilst playing the blaring music & air guitaring.


And it looks like you're getting ready to cook up a storm to the sound of Santana! Innagoddadavida. Don't have a clue how to spell out that song. LOL


Today I made beef stew, baked a loaf of bread and made mushroom soup. No-one to bug me, rock music blaring, dirty bliss!!


Looks like Stew.


What ya cookin' us for tea tonight, Robbie?