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Pretty in Pastels! (small)

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Step AWAY from the orange, Michelle!
I have to avoid a light yellowy tan or grey - they take ALL of my color away!


Mimi- I think that people who have been together a long time start to resemble each other in so many ways. It's funny when we both go to the closet and pick out the same color. Then we turn around and laugh! You and Luke have been together so long, I would be surprised if you didn't!

Re: the puzzle......The middle square has a "life saver" shaped "glass" piece over the top and it's reflections make that image a bit odd.


I like it a lot - but the middle square is a tiny bit scary - why? Luke and I went to our local fair one year and we saw a large van letting off some elderly people, all dressed alike. We sort of smiled at that until I happened to look at us. We were dressed exactly alike too!


I'm glad that you can wear orange...but some of us need to be in the GFC so Lesley can have fun with her puzzles too. (I wear orange and very strange things start to happen...people keep asking me if I'm all makes me look at death's door...)


Michelle, I guess Katie and I will have to cross you off the list of potential OFC members! I am actually waring an orange top right now - and I just looked over at Hubby - and so is he! ONE of us is going to have to change before we go to breakfast!!

I'm glad you had fun with this!!


What fun this morning, Jan! Love the blues and greens... I'm not usually partial to orange (except outside in sunsets and sunrises and gardens and eating oranges...ok, I like it a bit, ok?...and that green one does look edible...)


Thanks so much, Ank! LOL

Josie - I am so glad you enjoyed it! I solve the puzzles for relaxation, too. I never try to get on the leader board, and am always surprised when it happens! :D

Happy New Year to both of you!! :))


Small, yes, and I still can't get on the leaderboard. Ah well, it was lovely and relaxing. Maybe that is the problem, I do these to relax. Thank you, and Happy New Year, Josie


Funny, lovely and tasty. Thanks


Hanne - I am always ready for Spring - so why not have more fruits!! You are very welcome!

Hester - sorbets - now THAT I could really enjoy! In fact, a garden party might be in order - Let's all go the visit Kirsten!!


Aah! ,a light refreshing sorbet after all the richness of the season. Thanks for this little freshener, Jan! :-)


Funny, they make my teeth water too!! I feel like spring when I look at them!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Gail - Of course! Have the whole melon, if you'd like!! :D

Katie - Enjoy the orange! It seems like so many images I choose to "kaleido" have orange in them. I wonder why? LOL


Marvelous puzzle Jan! So perfect for the OFC - thanks!


Can I have a slice of the watermelon at the middle right? Please? Great puzzle, Jan.


Thanks, Jan! And, if I haven't told you before, I love your new avatar!


good one