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Halloween Scarecrow! (big)

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Dagmar - we have converted so many of our books to Kindle. You know, the easy reading, fiction kind. But, there are just too many books that we won't convert. They are substantive, or histories, or lovely illustrated books, or books we've loved dearly since we were kids, or any other irreplaceable books. We do LOVE our books. And, Kindle can never replace the real feel of a book in your hands.
But, we still manage to accumulate lots of hard-bound books that we have no attachments to. So, those are the ones that will be leaving the house. We will only shed a few tears over them. In reality, those shelves will fill up again......


Filling up bookshelves, that is something I understand, I've manage to fill the bookshelves in our flat and in the mountains, leaving loads of books in boxes as there is no place, but I'm very bad parting with them, as I like to re-read the ones I liked most. :))) I always keep telling myself that somewhere in the future I'll get rid of them somehow, but which library in Spain wants loads of books in English and in German and I would hate to just throw them away.


Dagmar - today we went to our favorite cafe for breakfast. They were all wearing costumes and made John but on a skull-cap that looked like a mohawk! It was very funny! Some people get very carried away! Have a great sleep!
Tomorrow it is back up to our "library" and going through the books we are going to re-sell or donate. We are filling up our bookshelves and need to cut back severely!
Later! :)


Hi Jan, that one wasn't easy and it is late as usual, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I would love to live Halloween in your place once. Here the custom of Halloween is very new and nobody really knows what to make of it, except for the kids who love to get some sweets. :)) I suppose it is a lot of fun especially in the villages with all the kids dressed up going from house to house.
Thanks for my nightly fun and now it's off to bed. Go on enjoying your evening ahd have a nice Sunday. See you tomorrow. :))


The scarecrow in the center was the image used to make all of the surrounding kaleidoscopes!