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After a dinner of home made Ravioli I made a peach pie.

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There is no more Ravioli but there is a little peach pie if you all would like to come over and have some.


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Sure would like to!!

We've had the pleasure of peach pie exactly once (I'd say 20 years ago) at a small diner up the coast, it was an awesome discovery! No, it wasn't Moody's, PG, they are saving their end-of-day leftovers for you. :)))


Yum! We sometimes can get tasty one from the Yakima Valley, but only at a market. They are picked unripe for stores - not good.

For fun see my food puzzle posted yesterday


Gnt is was a very good pie and over half is missing. You would think they would say no thank you I am on a diet or something to that effect, but no, the ate like pigs. I even tried to give them smaller pieces but then they wanted seconds. Can't win.

Yes Pumpkin I am pushing the remote on the camera while standing.

Hanne come on over and have a piece of what is left.


looks like it would taste good .......


Have you amped up your exercise routine to burn off all those calories? :)


Ohhh, it looks GREAT!! Thanks so very much PG!!


Your princenessness there will always be a bit left for you.

Sally there is one in the air as we type and should arrive soon if the pilot and crew I have minding it can be trusted.


Now that would be delicious anytime of day..... Peach Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream my favorite....
If there is any leftovers would love to have a bite...... Your Highness


Not one bit fair, Your Capocuoconess.... You could however, pack this yummy creation in dry ice and send it super fast, special delivery.... Would be very thoughtful and very much appreciated.... Guarantee there would be no crumbs left... :) :)


Photogent, I lived in Georgia for a year and would give an awful lot for some of those Georgia peaches, any variety. They make the best peace cobbler down your way I've ever had and I was lucky enough to get the recipe from Paula Dean for hers that she serves at the Lady and Sons in Savannah but I live in MN. and the peaches we get up here aren't good enough to do justice to her recipe. Now you've got me drooling like crazy for the cobbler. What are you going to do about it????? 1:04


Forget the small slice...a large one for me, please!


I can supply the snow icecream if you want to bring the leftover up my way. Love the retro glass pyrex pie dish, think I have a couple just like them; no pie in them though :>(


Go right ahead Rob there is some for everyone.


Oh YUM!!! Thanks pg - I'll just help myself to a small slice :)))


Any time Kvalliere just ask and it can be done.

It does smell great with these peaches we got at the farm in August. SC is the second largest producer of peaches in the US second only to California but these peaches are sweeter. They grow for sale in this area about 8+ varieties that come in to the market all summer long and into early September. They are larger then baseballs and drip with juice.


can you help me make one


I'd swear I can smell it. The peach and even the baked crust. Ala mode?


Friends of mine who wanted to wait until tonight so there would be less people to eat it and they could get seconds. Greedy little critters.


Well now,that looks better than my cornbread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who are "they"?


Plumpster I was going to make it the other evening but they told me not to make it so I did it today and waited for you to arrive with the two buck chuck.

Chickster it is good for the soul.

It was very yummy Greeneyedlady. Thank you for stoping by.


Thanks for making me drool this late at night.


Well, what took you so long? I've been waiting. . . and waiting. . . and waiting. Got some ice cream to put on top?


Looks yummy! Enjoy!