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Most of Jigidi-land will most likely..."get" this one! :)

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ty for saying it...that is the truthiest thing ive heard or read in ages


So true.

There is a site "Animal Rescue Site"…..that allows you to click everyday… don't pay
The sponsors pay. There is a place in the top right that says "daily reminder" it will remind you
everyday to "click" for vet care, shelters and food.


Oh that just rips a heart asunder. Please, little kitty find someone to love you forever (you can come to me...just tell me where you are).
We adopted Lily from a local rescue called Romney House. The lady there is amazing. She helps rescue cats in Italy as well.
Check out the web site :

This forlorn little kitten holds a world of love in its heart, just pleading for the chance to give it to a person who will give it a little care. You bet I get it.


Poor little thing....I hope someone adopted her already! Thanks JanetJane!

If I could I would adopt them all but 10 is our limit.


Am so glad someone helps these poor animals. Thx JanetJane for posting this reminder.


Thanks, Janet for posting this jigsaw puzzle of this pitiful kitten.
And pkin38, thank you for caring for those homeless cats and
making sure that the cats will be spayed and neutered..


Awww poor thing ... That is why I feed all the wild cats in the neighborhood ... I live in the country and people drop off kittens quite a bit .. Thanks goodness I have an organization that spays and neuters them ..


I have faith that the FHC gave this poor baby some medical care and that he/she is no longer homeless!!