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WOWOWOW!!!! Surprised!!!! Long messages I love. Wonder what they are about.

Hi, sparkles. You are welcome. I love your beautiful mosaic puzzles of these days. Bookmarked but not finished yet. I want much time!

Hi, Jo. GGGGreatttttt! Love your comments! Like the one about the light house best! Romantic! One about photo film strips is right!!! Some generations after ours may not know the word ' film strips'. I did love "Where's Waldo" I enjoyed them with my daughters who were five or six years old. Good memory. I will look for the books and enjoy them again someday. Thank you for exciting comments and hugs. I am so excited, though time to sleep...

Hi, MaryNolan. Yes, I am Sachi and tephanes. Sachi is my name and tephanes is my favorite dancer ' Stephane'. I borrowed his name. Thank you for your message. Glad to know the word 'RingLeader'. I know what you said well. I think so too. Jo's comments always make my puzzle look different and meaningful and of course enjoyable. Let's look forward to her next comments. Have a nice jigi time.

Hi, Jo. I thank you too for what popped into your head. They make me so amused, cheerful, excited... I do not know the proper word. Sorry. Great furn to read. You do not make puzzles, but you make word puzzles!!!

Hi, Sue. Very glad it brought you joy. Thank you for the comment.


Hi Sachi, dear friend. This one was so filled with JOY that I just grinned the whole time I worked it. Fun to do. 1:13


Well golly Mary Nolan....I'm flattered you think so!! I just comment on what "pops" into my head! Sometimes it's nothing ....but fun!! Thankyou for your kind comment! :) Having Sachi make such wonderfully inventive puzzles, makes it easier for me to comment on!! :)


QueenBee, you're as good at seeing into these puzzles as RingLeader! Love reading your comments before working, makes the puzzle mean more! LOL Thanks!
Great puzzle, Tephanes (Sach?)!


Oh My!! So many things to see!! The top left looks like a modern lighthouse, with its beam a glowing!! The 3rd down left, looks like an apartment building at night, with t.v. sets lit up late at night!! The 3rd to the right bottom, looks like undeveloped photo film strips!! The 3rd top right reminds me of a "Where's Waldo", cartoon puzzle!! I think that's it! If I go back to look for more, I'll have to retype all this again!! tee-hee! Thanks Sachi, for all this fun!! Have a great Day!! Hugs, Jo


Another really fun one, thanks again Sachi!!! I like the colors in this one.