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Cousins - Happy 40th 'M'

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Hi! Yes, I know what you mean about the bookmarks - too many pieces, too little time!
Yes, made the cake. The Hello Kitty was made with fondant icing over two Cadbury creme eggs. The HKs around the sides were icing pressed into a silicone mould and painted when dry apart from the eyes which were tiny balls of black icing. Just a sponge inside with strawberry jam and butter cream. The stripes were the fiddliest bit but all in all it was a great success and such fun to make.
carrot cake I love and loads of butter cream icing on the top...calories don't count, they multiply!
Hope everything is stabilising with Norton - you have done a grand job there.


Thanks, Brie. I apologize, but this got way down on my bookmarks, on page 12. It's amazing how quickly bookmarks stack up. I'll never get caught up.

You made that cake? It's incredible. You can make me a cake any time. Carrot is my preferred cake. With lots of icing.


Oh be so young would be wonderful but those days are well gone. These are my nieces - my brother's daughter on the left and my sister's on the right. I made the Hello Kitty cake as Em, on the right is an HK fan. I am taking her to Hong Kong for her birthday (Rebecca has to wait 8 years and we shall be off to New York as she has never been) and we are doing a day trip to Taipei so we can fly on the Hello Kitty plane! OMG!!


Hi Brie, are you in one of these photos? That's some cake! Cats and champagne ~ who could ask for more?