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For Snooker. Well done!

9 pieces
86 solves
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Happy for you! :)))


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So I saw it, wow Pat, you are really good. Congrats again.


Way to go, Pat... Knew you'd do it... Just a matter of counting how many... You gotta get a bigger trophy shelf... When you got it, flaunt it.... We'uns are proud, dear friend ... :) :)) :)))

Thanks, Maria for celebrating Pat's perfect pool playing... She's never behind the eight ball.... :) :)

What a nice surprise, Maria. Thank you so much.
Thank you Ank and Patti. Playing pool is my weight loss program. :)


I found the answer to your question, Ank:

Congratulations, Snooker!


Pat, I don't know why, I did miss something, but my congratulations for you. Did you win???? What ever, I'm happy for you too.