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Wednesday's Flowers

42 pieces
176 solves
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Ardy, Gail, Mary, whatnauts, and Mandy- what can I say? I created this awhile back along with a few other versions and I could never figure out which one to post because I liked all of them. Finally, yesterday now, I grabbed the one that was the last one of the versions I did. It's a good thing I went back to the folder (it's an older folder). I'm pleased that you guys got some pleasure out of it...and also that Mary keeps in shape. ;-)


I'll second whatnauts!!! Thanks :~)


Wendy, you've outdone yourself on this one. Great colours, great patterns.


Oh, my! Doing the Wednesday Fun Flower Dance! So colorful, so adding steps as I go! Love it! Thanks, Wendy!


This was fun, Wendy. Thank you.


I saw you were back on Pat's puzzle and hurried right over here to find this beauty waiting. Love the flowers. You know where my eye went first, I imagine. Right to the lower right hand pink petaled one. Then it went to the middle with the delightful blue petals around the middle. This is such a fabulous bouquet. Thank you and welcome back.


Well, I would be a bit worried about the puzzle pieces flying in all directions...but I suppose that as long as the swirling is done in a graceful manner, they should be fine.


I love swirling around on the dance floor, so I'm a practised "swirler" (very useful in some puzzles)


As long as you don't get a headache being swirled around, PJ, you'll be fine. ;-)


Wendy - how fun! Enjoyed your flowers - admit to getting swirled away by the circling flowers....