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RIP Queen Bee

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Yesterday when I went to bring her in for the night I noticed her breathing was laboured and she was having a hard time staying upright. I put her under the heat lamp for the night but this morning she was gone. I knew the time was approaching that I would have to make a decision about her and I guess she saved me from that.


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Thanks Brie, I hope you're right :-)))


Oh Edie, I am so sorry. Queen Bee has given all of us such a wonderful experience and no one could have done anymore than you did. She is now watching over her brood and the others and you from a higher perch. My love to you and your flock and peace to Queen Bee.


Thanks Sharon, Rosie, Rebecca and Gail. The big coop is a quieter place with her gone. I already see some shuffling in the ranks as someone tries to fill the vacancy at the top. That's something they'll work out for themselves. In the meantime I have to keep going and put my energies into keeping the ones that are here safe. Thanks again for all your kind words.


I am so very sorry, Edie. You did everything you could to help her, and you did far more than most would have done. I'm glad you're at peace with her departure, and that Queen Bee took the decision out of your hands. Rest in peace, QB, and you get some rest as well, Edie.


Just sad...


R.I.P. Queen Bee. I'm so sorry, Edie. You did all you could and even more than most would have. Thank you for sharing her with us---she brought lots of love and laughs to us Jigidians. And, you've had too much to contend with lately. Hugs and prayers coming your way. Rosie


I've been away from Jigidi a few days, Edie - a lot of healing, a bit of death, more safe and healthy habitats - and mooning! Thank you for caring for the flock and sharing them with us.


I think I did Mandy so it makes it easier to handle the loss. Thanks


So sorry to hear this sad news Edie, at least you know you did ALL that you possibly could for her.


Thanks zzzz. I really am ok. I was sad this morning when I had to remove her from her cage. I could tell that she had lost quite a bit of weight so I guess I'm very thankful that she decided on her own to let go.


Thanks Kirsten. I had pretty much decided to call my vet today and ask her to come by after work and euthanize her. Yesterday was the first time that I felt she wasn't comfortable any more. I really didn't expect her to go this quickly but I guess it was her time.


Thanks florrie. I just came inside after cleaning up the two areas where she'd been living. In the garage at night and outside in a pen during the day. Once it was all cleaned up it really hit home that she was gone but I really couldn't have expected a different outcome.


Edie, I'm so very sorry. :-((((


I'm so sorry, Edie! I know you did all that you could. And I admire that you would have made sure she didn't suffer. Sometimes it can be hard for us to make that decision, because we don't want to say good bye. You are an amazing mum to your menagerie! ((HUGS))


Thanks for the hugs Ardy. I don't know what else I could have done so I'm at peace with it.


Hugs, my friend.


Edie, I'm so sorry. She was a beautiful bird. Those pictures with Little B are priceless especially those two bottom ones. She had the best and most loving care she could have had. RIP Queen Bee.


Thanks Josie and Faye. I have to admit that I had mixed feelings when I saw her this morning. Sad because she was one of the first group that I got back in the spring of 2011 and relieved that I didn't have to take her somewhere to be put down.


I'm sorry.


She was a beauty, sorry to see her go, we can be selfish that way sometimes. It is so much better when we don't have to make the decision, again, I am sorry.


Thanks everyone for your kind words. I think that I've known all along that she wasn't going to make it but she still seemed to be enjoying going outdoors when the sun was out and sitting in a nest of straw that I had made for her. She never liked me much while she was alive so I figure she thought she'd make up for it my taking the decision out of my hands.


I'm so sorry, Edie. You've had some rough times lately. Hope things only get better.


sorry about queen bee, have been off jig , sick,sick, now to catch up. I can.


Oh that is sad, but you did all you could Edie, and yes, I think it is better that she saved you from the awful decision making herself.


I'm sorry too Edie, At least you took care that she was nice warm her last night. RIP Ank


Oh Edie, I'm so sorry. She was such a beautiful and interesting hen. RIP